Friday, July 3, 2009

Showing Your Colors

I spent yesterday trying desperately to catch up on the laundry (I did not succeed) before I had to head off for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. In the middle of all the washing and folding, Madilyn asked me if she could paint. I stupidly said, "yes" (any smart mom would be able to see what's coming). I continued on my laundry mission without another thought about paint. Soon before I was to leave for Scouts, Madilyn comes into where I was folding shirt after shirt, after shirt... and tells me that the twins made a mess with the paint. I told her she needed to clean it up since she got the paint out and was responsible for it. A few minutes later a very red child appeared in my doorway with a globular, painted masterpiece clutched in one hand. She had paint in her hair, on her clothes, and in her hands. I sent her downstairs before said mass ended up on the carpet or the walls, but not before I snapped a few pictures of her with what came through the door next;
I think this is the closest thing I have ever seen to a Smurf. Camden had paint from the tips of her fingers to the tops of her arms. The back of her head was blue. I was not happy! The baby was waking up. I needed to feed her and dash off to set up for scouts!
I threw the twins into the shower. They did not like it, but I wasn't about to have them playing around in the bathtub, splashing blue (I guess it would be purple since blue and red make... ta-da! purple) water everywhere.

After I got everyone showered, dressed in their PJ's, and combed their hair, I went downstairs to survey the damage. It was worse than I expected. There was water and paint from the fridge, all the way around the island, under the table, and over to the carpet's edge in the family room. Globs of paint graced the table, counters, and doors. UGH! I'm was suppose to be leaving right then! How come these things never happen when I'm away? I think paint is officially banned from our house. I don't want to see them covered in paint again until they're in college. By then the only color I better see is blue. I think Grandpa Henry would have a heart attack if one of his own flesh and blood went over to the dark (dark red that is) side!

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