Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Up for Lost Time

My children haven't been angelic by any means, but they have been less destructive than usual for the last month. That and I've been running out my frustrations instead of blogging. Today they seemed to feel the need to make up for lost time.

The twins like to play in the coat closet from time to time, something I've never worried about before. Since the closet is just inside the kitchen, I keep all the lunchbox stuff on the shelf above the hanging rack. I don't know why I thought it was safe. Perhaps it's because they've never bothered it before. I should have known it was only a matter of time before they ventured upwards. They raided the goldfish, the raisins, the juice boxes... and for some reason there was an ink pad on that shelf, which they of course found, and now there are blue fingerprints all over the back of the closet. Most of the coats are black, so it's hard to tell if they've been blotted as well (I'd take a picture, but the batteries in my camera are dead). All this happened while I was working at the computer (trying, in vain, to create some kind of schedule to organize my life), and after I'd spent a half hour having "story time" with them. You'd think that mommy time would inspire good behavior.

After lunch (that they didn't eat due to snack engorged tummies), they went outside to play. I heard much whining and screaming about wanting to swim, which privilege I denied because it wasn't warm enough. It was unseasonably pleasant this afternoon. Which would make mountain water feel absolutely freezing on their skin. During an attempt to track down my first grader's teacher's email address the baby came sloshing in the back door. They'd sprayed her with the hose. When I went out to quell the rebellion I discovered that they'd been picking the tomatoes out of the garden. Tiny, baby, green tomatoes that have not yet begun to reach maturity! They pick my three that had started to turn. Camden squashed the one tomato that was almost ready, thereby denying me the first fruits of the tomato season. I live for fresh garden tomatoes! I gathered them all up and placed them in the fruit basket on the counter in hopes that they might be saved.

Not having any luck with getting an email to the teacher, I got the girls dressed in dry clothes and decided they needed an outlet for their energy. We went on a walk/bike ride. Once through the neighborhood was sufficient to tire them out. I let them watch cartoons while I worked on my scheduling before we picked the big girls up from school. We made it to the school, and survived a stop at the grocery store without incident. With the exception of finding the girls in the bathroom dunking their new-shoe-clad-feet into the toilet, I was able to make dinner without any turmoil.
After dinner I bathed the baby and took her downstairs for Chloe to watch while I bathed the twins. While climbing the stairs I heard a loud, "clunk!" I opened the nursery door to find the twins back in business. Camden had stood on the arm of the rocking chair, to get over to the dresser. She stood on the dresser to get to the shelving hanging on the wall. There she found a box that had two permanent markers in it (I'd left them there after boxing up some clothes a couple weeks ago) and she proceeded to color. She must have hung on the shelf to some extent, because the top of it is now streaked with purple, and when I entered the room it was on the floor, and the nails have gouged their way down the wall.

She defaced the picture of The Savior hanging in Wrigley's room (I seriously doubt he's ever had a purple mustache), colored on the walls, marked up the shelf, blotched the rocking chair, and marked up her face. Cadence got in on the action a little bit too. She has some permanent purple markings herself.

I was not happy. I'd somehow managed to keep my cool all day long. I sent them out of the room to avoid jumping all over them. But as we know, I don't learn from the past. Sending them anywhere is not a good thing. They went into the guest room where Camden sat on the bed and peed. Of course the bed has a memory foam topper on it, so it's not a simple "spray and wipe" kind of clean up. I lost it. I spanked that little bum! Mean, I know, but I'm giving myself brownie points for not raising my voice.

They are now bathed and in bed. Now if I can just get Madilyn to stay that way before I go all "Mommy Dearest" on her framework... Ugh. As soon as Stuart gets home I need a good run!

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  1. Nope, not mean. I would've done it too. I like the "mommy dearest" remark. Funny! Naughty little monkies!