Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Snippets of Fun

A mom can't always plan her potty breaks for nap time. Sometimes you just need a minute. When this happens I put Wrigley in her crib with some toys so I know she's safe. This has been a great strategy in the past. What I didn't account for was the possibility of the twins climbing into the crib.

I had to take such a break this morning. When I emerged from the bathroom a short time later I found the twins in Wrigley's crib. Cadence with a pair of scissors in her hand, cutting. She'd snipped pieces of her hair, Cami's hair, and worst of all, the baby's hair. There was a fine layer of silken locks all over the crib sheets! Most of it was dispersed like a fine mist throughout the crib (I had to change the lint roller 3 times while cleaning it up), but I did manage to find two clumps of dark red hair. One on the bed, another I found behind the crib when I changed the sheets later in the day. Cadi now has tresses framing her face 4-6 inches shorter than the rest of her hair. Camden the same. It was just long enough for braids and pigtails! Poor Wrigley wasn't lucky enough to have the just back, or sides of her hair trimmed. Cadence lopped off a section right at the crown of her head. She now has a bald spot like a middle aged man. She had more hair there the day she was born than she does now! I suppose we, like the 40 something year-old man, will be practicing the comb-over for the next year or so.

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  1. Poor Wrigley. At least it wasn't more... Give them time.