Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twin Time: Indoor Snowmen

I'm trying to get back on track with Twin Time now that the holidays are over. It's taken me a few days to figure out a good time of day since the baby is down to one afternoon nap. In the end our old time is best. She just gets to join in the fun.
Today we built snowmen, indoors! We used clay to minimize the mess. The girls thought it was pretty fun. I think they would have liked it better if the clay was more pliable (someone opened my clay and it hardened somewhat).
You'd think it was a voodoo doll the way she was stabbing those buttons into the snowman body!
It was just the right amount of messy. Enough that we washed hands, but easy enough that we just rolled up the mess and tossed it away.
We used acorn caps I found on my way to a football game last fall for hats, and strips of fleece I cut from a scrap for scarves. Cadi was proud of her creation.
Camden had lots of fun carving details into her snowman. I had to urge her to look up for a picture.
Wrigley was quite interested in the project. I know a baby shouldn't have scissors, but it made for a good picture. I did take them away from her post snap.
It's all in the details. At some point Wrigley decapitated her poor snowman, and decided he looked tasty. No matter how many times I told her that he was not yummy, she kept on trying. He does look kind of like a marshmallow I suppose. A big, cold, hard, damp marshmallow with eyes.
Lots of eyes. We wouldn't want to miss out on seeing anything would we?

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  1. My goodness this is an adorable craft for the kiddies! I am totally done with snow this year but it's really inspiring for next. Your two girls are precious! Thanks for sharing!