Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Raining in the House!!!

This morning, I set the twins up with some oatmeal while I ran upstairs to put the baby to bed. After a trip to the bathroom I sat on my bed to read my scriptures. After a couple pages I hear cheers of, "It's raining in the house! It's raining in the house, " wafting up the stairwell, followed by, "Cami, Mom is going to be so upset with you." Ugh. I'm trying to read my scriptures. Not that I was incredibly sad to close the book. The section I'm reading is a particularly difficult chapter in 2 Nephi. I don't understand it. It makes no sense to me, and I've been trying to get through it for several days now, but I digress.

Upon entering the kitchen I see Camden up to the sink with the sprayer, and indeed it is raining in the house. Lovely to see her back to her old tricks. Casualties of the morning: a new box of Kleenex (my last one, naturally), half a bag of brown sugar, 1 Friend magazine, several pieces of art work, 1 photo of my girls at Yellowstone, the cornice off the kitchen blinds (snapped off when I adjusted the blinds to wipe the water off of them), and of course the floors and the counter. I had to quickly wipe down the walls and the cabinets inside and out. It's literally freezing outside so opening the doors and windows to help things dry out would probably be ineffective. Can't they do this kind of thing when it's 100 degrees outside so the paint doesn't bubble and the floors don't warp?

I had Camden help wipe the floors dry (after a long stint in time-out for refusal to help). I found it very funny when she says to me, "Mom, this isn't easy!" No. No, it's not.

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