Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twin Time: Puffy Ghosts and Hot Chocolate

We made Puffy Ghosts for Twin Time today. I found this craft at No Time For Flashcards. It's one of my new favorite sites for activities. I recommend it. This is kind of messy, although it was fortunately contained to the area immediately surrounding the twins' individual projects. It's fast, explores some fun textures, and the twins had fun with it. I can't wait for them to dry so I can cut them out and post them somewhere in the house. I don't have pictures due to another non-functioning camera. I'll have to scan the artwork in when they're dry (which may take a while considering the mounds of "paint" on Cadi's ghost). Check out the original posting for pictures and the recipe. Try it. It's a fun one!

In honor of the first snowfall of the season, we broke out the tea kettle and had water warming while we crafted. After we were sufficiently spooked the girls helped me make hot chocolate. I let them stir in the powder, pour milk out of a creamer from my china set, and drop in marshmallows (one lump or two? Two of course!). They're currently mixing and sipping and creating a bigger mess than they did with the ghosts, but having a grand time! Good thing for dish rags and washing machines...

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  1. Love the cold weather! Will you do me a favor and email me your home address again? I DO have something to send to you...it is in an envelope...I just need to address it!!