Friday, October 9, 2009

Twin Time: Leaf Art

For Twin Time today we used the spoils of our leaf hunt earlier in the week to make a collage. This was the first time the girls experienced regular, old, Elmer's Glue. They thought it was fantastic.

Note to self (and anyone else with twins): have two bottles of glue (or anything else for that matter) when doing craft projects. The fighting over product diminishes the fun.

We went through 1/3 a bottle of glue. It was brand new! They had a good time though. One thing I'd change if we did this again; I'd press the leaves flat while they dried. The curled leaves had fun texture, but they're brittle, and were hard to get to stay on the paper. I expect that some will fall off when the lakes of glue are dry enough that we can hang their artwork on the wall. Silly me. I thought that since we collected them off the ground they'd already be dry. My bad!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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