Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twin Time: Pumpkin Clips

Two weeks ago en route to a football game, I came the biggest acorns I've EVER seen under a tree on BYU campus. On the way back to the car I asked everyone to stop and pick some up. I knew my harvest would yield a fun craft for a Twin Time to come. Yesterday was the day.
We separated some of the acorns from their hats and painted the seeds orange. I didn't have orange paint so we also had a quick little art lesson on how to make orange. The girls were most impressed by my magic trick of swirling red and yellow paint together.
Once the acorns were sufficiently coated we took a break to enjoy a slice of chocolate zucchini cake while our project dried. Then we used markers to turn our "pumpkins" into jack o' lanterns.
I covered some clothes pins with green ribbon, and glued a magnet to the back. While the girls "carved" their faces. Then we glued our happy jacks to the front of the clothes pin.

This was a bit messy, as the girls decided to paint more than just their acorns, but all in all it was fun. They had a good time, and we only lost one shirt (even though they had smocks on). The paint came off the table and floor. I need to get some more washable paint!

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