Friday, June 5, 2009

Some of Cadence's Favorite Things at Age Three

Cadi loves cartoons. She gets away with watching way too much television. Her brain is going to turn to mush. Her favorite show is, "Dora the Explorer."

Cadence loves the fuzzy feel of feathers, or anything soft and fuzzy for that matter. She can often be found "petting" (or as she calls it, "softing") babies' heads, stuffed animals, blankets, furry fabric, the dog... you name it, it's "soft-able".

Cadi loves chocolate. I guess I taught her something right (I miss it)! Mmmmm.... as Dora's backpack would say, "Delicioso!"

Cadence has a love for stuffed animals. She has a tendency to "love 'em and leave 'em" once their fuzziness has worn off. There is a long succession of snuggle buddies starting with black and white puppy. The names are all very literal; pink puppy, Grinch (as in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" so ugly, I know), princess frog, and her current cuddle bug of choice, Sneetch.

She loves to ride bikes and scooters. She had been riding a princess trike that was passed down from her older sister. She and Camden got new "big girl" bikes with training wheels for their birthday and she is absolutely thrilled that she can ride it around. She is proud to show anyone who'll watch.

When I asked Cadi what her favorite color was her response was, "peanut butter and syrup." I tried several times and got the same answer. After a while I listed all the colors for her and she chose red. She looks good in red.

Cadence is not a picky eater. She frequently asks for seconds and sometimes thirds (to which we say "no"), so I was curious to see what she'd choose as her favorite. Chicken nuggets was her immediate response. We rarely visit the drive through, but I guess some people are just born as with typical American kid taste buds.

Cadi loves music. She loves to sing and tinker on the piano. She knows a lot of songs. I'm very excited that at such a young age she can carry a tune. Singing on pitch is typically learned a little later in life. If you ask her what she learned in nursery, she'll report the songs they sang. Her favorite bedtime songs are "Hush Little Baby" (which the twins call "Monkey Bird"), and "Jingle Bells."
Swinging is a favorite past time. She recently picked up the skill on her own. She is very proud of her accomplishment, and I am very happy that there's one less kid to push at the park.

Omigosh! If I had a dollar for every time Cadence made a water mess I'd have enough money for a swanky new outfit from Nordstrom. Complete with shoes, handbag, and any other accessories I might want. The girl is a mermaid in disguise.

Both the twins like to help in the kitchen (when I can stand it). Cadi is just more vocal about it. I can't keep her hands out of the bowl, off the spoon, away from the eggs. I guess I should be more patient with her and encourage it while she's young.
It should be noted that I did not take these pictures. I found them on a google image search.

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  1. This is awesome. Where'd you get all the great stock photography?