Friday, June 5, 2009

Some of Camden's Favorite Things at Age Three

Camden loves to read. This is her favorite book right now. She always points to a flat spot on the crocodile's head and asks me if she can sit there. I have to say it's one I don't mind reading over and over. I love the artwork in it.

I don't know why she loves it so much, but oatmeal is one of her favorite things to eat. She use to call it, "moat-meal". So cute!

Camden loves the feel of silky textured things. Pajamas, blankets, you name it. She sleeps with a silky piece of cloth. It's called, you guessed it, a silky.

Camden likes polka-dots. It's funny to me that she notices these details. A girl after my own heart. She has purple polka-dotted sheets on her bed.

If you ask her what kind of sandwich she wants, she will most often say, "peanut butter and jelly." Often times she will sneak the jam out of the fridge when its open, run to a corner somewhere and suck it out of the squeeze bottle as fast as she can before someone catches her.

Camden's favorite TV show is "Dora the Explorer". We watch waaaaaay too much of it.

When I asked Camden what her favorite color is she said, "Pink!" A true girly color. Too bad she's a red-head. I always dress her in "red-head colors" like blue, green, purple... they really make her beautiful hair pop!

I asked Camden what her favorite food is and she said, "French Fries!" which is odd because we don't have them very often.

She loves our trampoline. Camden tries her best to do the tricks her older sisters do. We are frequently an audience to spectacular shows.

Camden is also a master climber. I need to enroll her in gymnastics, or take her to a climbing wall, or something. She gets into so much mischief! What a monkey.
Since I don't have a working camera (most of the pictures for this post were found on google) I don't have a picture, but Camden likes to dress herself. Which means that most of the time she looks like an orphan, but it's all in the name of self-sufficiency.

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