Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Aftermath

Cami and Cadi's adventures in Water World have wrecked havoc on our kitchen. We have paint bubbling up and peeling from the wall, the trim around the cabinet bases is warped and separating at all the joints, and corners. The wood laminate floor is warping and starting to peel. The flower Madilyn gave me for Mother's Day is a gonner. The shelving inside some our cupboards got wet enough that they have wrinkles. If the weather was it's normal arid self, this probably could have been avoided. But due to a freakish presence of clouds and palpable moisture in the air, things aren't drying out quickly, and therefore, everything is warping! Most annoying of all, due to water seeping into the control panel, our dishwasher is broken. I now have a very expensive, under the counter dish drainer. Yes. I'm scrubbing dishes for a family of seven the old school way. Although I don't understand how an appliance who's sole purpose is to cycle a large volume of water around and around, and in most cases is installed next to the kitchen sink can have a control panel that is so easily penetrated by water. That's faulty engineering in my book. After all this I came downstairs yesterday evening from putting the baby to bed and found them standing in front of the sink spraying water all over the place again! Arrrg! I had to spank them on their birthday.


  1. Ever read the book "Naughty Little Monkies?" Every time I read it to my kids I think of your twins.

  2. I cried for you as I read this. I am sorry girl!

  3. Oh my goodness, yikes! Happy B-day to the girls anyway. May 3 be SO much better than 2.