Thursday, May 7, 2009

A New Use for My Sofa

This afternoon I was sitting at the computer reading and eating my lunch, while the girls had their cartoon time. When I finished I got up to put my dishes away and take Camden to the bathroom. Much to my surprise I found her sitting on the couch, pants down around her ankles, sitting in a puddle as she peed on the couch! What the heck was she thinking?! She knew she had to pee. She took the time to pull her pants down. Why didn't she run to the bathroom? She knows to do that. She frequently tells me when she needs to go. Ugh. I hate potty training!


  1. I hear ya, hate hate l o a t h e potty training. Maybe we'll laugh about it someday, and burn everything they ever sat on or touched.

  2. I agree. Potty training is for the dogs. I think we all should wear diapers.