Friday, May 22, 2009

Water World

I've been trying to be more focused on fitness as of late. I usually get up early and hit the treadmill or go on a walk outside. Sometimes it is really hard to get out of bed at the crack of dawn! Today was one of those days. I was just so tired. On days like today I squeeze my workout in while the baby takes her morning nap, and the twins get their fill of "Dora the Explorer". I did just that and got 3 miles in this morning (I won't say how long it took me)!

After my run I walked up the basement stairs and noticed water dripping from the chandelier over my dining room table. I reached the landing and saw my twins sitting in the kitchen sink full of bubbles, buck naked, water spilling over the rim onto the floor (I wish I had a picture. Darn camera)! There was about an inch of water all over my kitchen and dining room. I didn't even know where to start. I got there just in time to grab a towel and stop the water from rushing under the pantry door, soaking the sacks of flour that reside there. There were bubbles and water everywhere! The crown moulding, the cupboards, inside the drawer I keep towels in. They'd flooded the plants in the window sill (relieving the flower Madilyn gave me for Mother's day of it's soil). An entire bottle of liquid dish soap was emptied. They'd put liquid dish soap (the kind for the sink) in the dishwasher and turned it on, so it was now spewing bubbles. There were puddles in the stove, the dining room table was soaked. The stack of the older girls' school work for the end of the year was now soggy. Everything was sudsy and dripping.

I wrapped them in the only towel I had left and stuck them in the family room. I didn't want their "help" this time around. I found a towel and wiped down the cupboards, counter tops, and the table. Next I got out my handy, dandy, Floor Mate to suck up all the water. I had to empty the canister every couple minutes. I estimate that for every 5 square feet of floor, I collected a half gallon of water.

By the time I'd cleaned up it was lunch time. The baby was awake. I had to kiss my shower good-bye. What went wrong? My kids are champion TV watchers. Usually I have to force them away from it. Don't they understand that I'm trying to be a good example for them?! I guess I can't hit the snooze button anymore.

We moved on to lunchtime activities, eating and such. Once tummies were full I told the twins to go the bathroom before we left to pick the big girls up from school (last day!). While I cleaned up the baby in preparation for our trip, I was serenaded with fighting and screaming in the bathroom. Cadence emerged with hurtful tears and angry bite marks. Camden emerged victorious and very proud of her accomplishment (#2 in case you were wondering). I went into the bathroom to help her finish and found that they'd been playing with the plunger and there was water covering the bathroom floor! I think I better invest in flood insurance.

To top it all off, while helping Cadi in the bathroom, Camden found several tubes of lip gloss, removed the roller balls and dumped their contents out all over her hands and the sofa. Maybe Act of God insurance would be better.


  1. Oh my goodness those naughty girls! 2 just have a way of coming up with things 1 wouldn't do by themselves. You make me smile though, as much as I wouldn't wish so much trouble on you, I take comfort in someone who understands the ride. :)

  2. As we say in our house, Oh my Helen Luisa! What is it with water? You poor thing. At least your kitchen floor got a GOOD cleaning!