Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Compilation

It's late, and I'm tired, so I don't have much time for clever wording (I'm only typing until the washer is done so I can switch the laundry to the dryer), but lets just say the twins have been busy.

Water Works

Yesterday I took the twins and Wrigley on my morning walk. Pushing my big double stroller loaded with nearly 100 lbs. worth of children on a county road was pretty good resistance training. My arms were working just to keep it out of the irrigation ditch. We got to see the cows on our trip. They did really well until the last 15 minutes or so.

When we got home it was past the baby's nap time. I hurried and set the twins up with some yogurt for a snack and turned the cartoons on to keep them occupied while I put the baby to bed and ran through the shower. After I put Wrigley down, I sat on my bedroom floor to stretch out. Once thoroughly limbered, I headed for the shower, but decided I should check on the twins and take them to the bathroom before I hopped in.

When I walked into the living area I found Cadence standing on a chair in front of the sink with the sprayer aimed at the dining room, and Camden walking towards her saying, "I want to try that!" Uh, no! What the heck! She had sprayed (and had been spraying for a little while), all over the kitchen and into the dining room. The dining room curtains were wet, the counters were covered, the crown molding was dripping, water was sliding down the inside of the cupboard doors, the blinds were watery, the window spotty, the window sill pooling, the cabinets misty, and everything was puddling onto the floor. Honestly! Does my house look like a water park? I'm beginning to wonder.

Salt Looses its Savor

Later that same morning, after I'd showered (can you believe I dared to leave them for 5 minutes? I was smelly), I was getting lunch ready and nursing Camden's wounded elbow, when I look over to see Cadi sitting on the counter pouring out the contents of the salt shaker. Seriously?! What are these kids thinking?

Peep Show

This morning I was in the front yard working on weed control while the girls rode a bike and a scooter around. They were quite interested in the kids across the street cruising around in their Hot Wheels Barbie cars and such. They called to them, and got little response, but remained ever fixated on their mad driving skills. After some serious observation time had passed I looked up from my weed patch just in time to see Camden, naked from the waist down calling, "Hey guys! I'm naked! Guys! I'm naked!" I guess just calling to them wasn't getting the response she was after so she felt she needed to up the ante.

Later that same morning, after I'd made sure my little nudist was dressed, they asked if they could go into the back yard and jump on the trampoline. I opened the gate so they could bounce away. After about 15 minutes had passed I went into the back yard to check on them and found them both naked as jaybirds swinging on the swings! I guess we're going for an all over tan in this house.


It was post nap time for the twins and the baby, and I was really tired from weeding most of the day. I gave the twins some graham crackers and turned the TV on (again, I know.) so they'd be occupied for a few minutes while I nursed the baby in peace. My solitude didn't last long as Cadence soon followed my footsteps to my room where she quickly became a nuisance to my feeding attempts. I had just finished with Wrigley when Camden appears in my doorway with some kind of clear goo all over her hands. A few inquiries revealed that she'd gotten into the first aid kit (for the second time today. She's a band-aid nut.) and relieved a tube of Neosporin of a good amount of it's contents. What a thing to get in to! What an expensive thing to wash down the drain. Ugh! Do I want to know what they'll think of next?

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  1. Sallie, just reading about your day makes me tired. Didn't they magically turn back into nice little girls when they turned 3, and started asking why, instead of trying to figure it out for themselves? Maybe you should rename your blog "Angels and Demons". What little terrors!