Thursday, March 26, 2009


The twins were on a roll this morning. Cadence was heading up the adventures this morning. Which is unusual. Normally Camden is the lead horse.

I was catching up on the blog of an old friend to the sounds of playing children. I thought I kept hearing the water dispenser in the fridge click on and off, but its suppose to be locked. Engrossed in the latest installment of a gripping life story I dismissed it. I should have known better. Almost everything happens when I'm on the computer (can't I take a hint?). After I finished the chapter I turned around to the sound of splashing and discovered my twins disrobing themselves. I walked into the kitchen, or should I say I waded into the kitchen. They (mostly Cadi) had been up to the fridge, pressing the water button, letting it pour endlessly onto the floor! They'd filled up the baby's tray on her walker, so she's was happily splashing away as well. Now they stood there sopping wet, jammies around their ankles, water inching it's way up the babies sleeper as well. Ugh! Didn't we just have this adventure? Whoever unlocked the water is in big, and I mean BIG trouble.

I sent them on their way, sopped up the from Wrigley's tray, and whipped out the Floor Mate to suck up all the water. I wasn't planning on cleaning the floors today, but they can never be too clean I guess. Especially now that the baby is crawling around.

Once dry I lifted the baby out of her walker, went to herd the twins upstairs and get everyone into dry clothes. Wait. Where are the twins? I find them standing in the window sills on the other side of the blinds, diaper only bodies pressed against the glass. What in the world? Was my house somehow transported to Amsterdam? Between the wet, gray, weather outside, the dam break inside, and the girls in the windows I was starting to feel like I was back in the home of my childhood (don't worry. I've never actually been to the famous Red Light District. My Mom and Dad weren't that kind of parents). All I needed were some colored lights.

I pull them out of the windows and usher them upstairs. I start with the baby, who is freezing cold in wet clothes. (On a side note Camden came in while I was changing the baby and says, "My diaper is in my bum! I will get it out myself!" So there, first wedgie documented and cared for.) I finish dressing the baby and wrap her up in a warm blanket for nap time. We cuddle for a minute or two as her eyes get droopy and then I hear water. Uh-oh! Water again?!

I lay Wrigley in her crib and seek out the twins who are now in the bathroom playing in the sink. Worse than a levee break they have also squished out a brand new tube of toothpaste! I was not happy. While rocking the baby I had been thinking of ways to make their current interest in water more acceptable (at the advise of my Toddlerwise book). Well, not anymore! I had to get my camera to give me a minute to calm myself so I didn't unload on these two "angels".

After I snapped the pictures I cleaned the girls up. I directed them to dry off with a towel while I rinsed the sink. Sink clean, I turn around to gather the twins only to discover Cadence has the baby soap and is pumping it out as fast as she can, covering her hands and oozing into the tub! That was the last straw! I didn't yell and scream, but I wasn't nice either. Does it ever let up?


  1. We got a water table from ksl to "direct" some of the extra water interest. Doesn't help much in the winter though . . .which never ends! That's cool about Amsterdam--my family is from Apeldoorn, my maiden name is Dodenbier.
    Heidi from UVMOM

  2. I'm laughing Sallie, I'm sorry, but I can't help it! A couple of days ago Lily got out the strawberry syrup and poured a bunch into a container of applesauce. The mess was minimal and she was so cute about it. She said she was making a cake for her teacher! All I could think about was you and your twins! I made Lily clean up the strawberry sauce, and with some guidance did a pretty good job, but poor Sallie! With two Lily's I'm sure I'd be in the loony bin by now! You're such a good Mom. I couldn't do what you do every day.

  3. Oh my oh my! Glad to hear there is someone else out there losing their minds!! No advise to give. been there and have no clue how to solve it. On that note....GOOD LUCK!

  4. I should add that I am very proud of your patience as a mother!

  5. Oh my, you're not kidding about the water interest! That's nuts! I don't know what you did to make the Lord take notice and decide to teach you patience but I'd lay low next time!