Friday, March 6, 2009

Can I Have Some of These?

I had two things I wanted to accomplish this morning; pay the bills/do the checkbook, and cook up half the dinners for the UVMOM frozen dinner exchange. I wasn't even going to worry about my usual morning routine (dishes, laundry, breakfast...). The twins (and the dog) have been making these tasks difficult. For the most part it had been with general neediness as opposed to general naughtiness.

While on the phone with Spanish Fork City I heard a noise that seemed out of place. I turned around to see that Cadence had dumped out an entire box of Cheerios. Dang it all! It was a newly opened box! I got that box on a good sale too (I think I paid $1.50/box of cereal that day. I stocked up.)! What happened to the door knob covers the almost newly-weds gave me last week? I put them on. Funny thing about door knob covers is that everything has to be on the other side of them. I forgot to put the cereal away this morning.

I got off the phone and went over to give Cadi a scolding in addition to the dirty looks I'd been sending her way and she says, "Can I have some of these?"

We scooped all the cereal that was on the table back into the box. Since my floors are in no way clean enough to eat off of, I tossed everything that had fallen to the floor. I couldn't in good conscious feed my baby Cheerios that had touch our almost dirt floors.

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  1. the sound of an entire box of cereal being dumped is the WORSE sound EVER! I have heard that all too often!