Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The twins were pretty darn good today. Other than some cut up multiplication flash cards there isn't much to report. We went visiting teaching this morning. Thankfully the markers they found only ended up on a cardboard house meant for coloring. They ate their lunch, took their naps, played outside, ate dinner (well, Camden didn't really eat in the normal understanding of the word) and took a bath (where they tried their best to soak mommy down as well). In the middle of re-diapering the twins I left momentarily to get some lotion for them. While I was away those curious monkeys unscrewed the light bulb from the lamp on their dresser, tossing the bulb behind the chest of drawers. I wasn't too happy because their dresser is really heavy and therefore hard to move. While I was changing Cadi, I suddenly became aware that they had switched the lamp "on" after the light bulb extraction due to Camden's shriek of pain caused by her sticking her still wet finger into the socket! There was no injury to her finger, but I think she had the snot scared our of her.

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  1. Ok, you win the award for "most curious 2-yr-old". Where does she come up with her ideas??? I thought Brighton was creative and curious, but Camden beats all. What a piece of work:) Always good for a laugh, isn't she? In retrospect, of course:)