Friday, March 20, 2009

There's Something in My Eye

Yesterday morning I was really dragging. I was tired and feeling unmotivated. I pretty much wanted to crawl back in bed and stay there until the sun made its cycle and rose again. Despite my gray mood I stuck to my "no TV until after the baby's nap" rule, but didn't really make myself accessible to the twins for entertainment purposes either.

I sat at the computer while I ate my breakfast as usual. I made no hurry to start the day after I finished eating. At some point during my attempt to waste away the morning I became aware that the water was on in the kitchen. Feeling the way I did, I let it slide by for a while, thankful they were occupied by something other than me. Time went by and I grew afraid to turn around. Water and unwatched twins are never a good mix. Soon I heard a phrase that necessitated movement on my part, "Mom, I got sumpin in my eye."

I looked into the kitchen to see a suds covered Camden rubbing her eyes with soap covered hands. Closer inspection revealed soaked twins, a new bottle of dish soap (now half empty) on the floor, and water all over the kitchen counters and floor. I didn't get mad (which is amazing). I just snapped a few pictures and got them cleaned up. My first inclination was to have them dry up all the water, but I didn't want to wash all the towels that would require. I whipped out my Floor Mate instead. There was so much water I had to empty it twice. Good grief! I guess the fact that they were shivering cold was punishment enough. Although, now that I think of it, I should have done something more because I caught Cadi in the soap three more times throughout the day.


  1. What a disaster. Glad that you handled it well. Ok Sally. I did not realize that you had twins. So you are goin to have to email me your family status. How many do you have now? I am going to search your page to see if I can solve this myself (and i am adding you to my blog list I don't forget to link back to you!

  2. Just found it...FIVE girls?? WOW! You are a warrior in your own right! I am excited to get reacquainted with you via blogs!

    Your old roommate!