Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fool Me Once...

...fool me twice, shame on me! They did it again! While I was getting the baby's lunch out of the fridge one of the twins grabbed the mustard out of the door without me noticing! ARRRRRGGGG!!! Now the stain on the sofa is twice as big as it was yesterday.

Their shirts were covered in the yellow goo. I stripped them down so they couldn't spread it on anything else.

Yesterday I was worried about it getting smeared around and making the mess bigger. Since it didn't come out I figured I might as well have them help clean up. At this point I might as well paint the whole sofa with French's Classic Yellow. At least then the sofa would be one color. I gave them rags to wipe it up and moved the mustard to the top shelf of the refrigerator door. Afterwards I took the upholstery attachment of the carpet cleaner to it.

They make me so ANGRY sometimes! I wasn't even on the computer this time! They are currently napping. It's time to wake them up if I want them to go to bed tonight, but it took so long to get them down I'm having a hard time making myself do it. Ugh. My whole house smells like mustard. Bleh. Is it really a necessary condiment?


  1. Oh Sallie, that's so awful I don't even know where to begin! They make Brighton look like a saintly child:) On the bright side, at least it wasn't ketchup--it'd look like you killed them afterwards:)

  2. Donate the couch to the Di. Pick out a new one made of plastic!

  3. Guess it's time to make a slipcover girly! Those naughty girls. Lily is making a bad habit out of getting into things in the kitchen as soon as I go to put Luke down for his nap. Grrr. Good job making them help 'clean it up' though. And keep taking those pictures. when they become Mom's you can give them copies of the evidence of their naughtiness and then sit back and smile as they deal with their own kids :)

  4. Oh yeah, Kurt broke a new bottle of Worcheschire Sauce on the steps to the garage a couple of days ago and it still stinks. Ugh! It makes me shudder, I feel your pain, I wonder if Fabreeze would work....