Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buttery Goodness

The twins were busy last night. It made me have to concentrate really hard on why I'm trying to limit their television viewing pleasure (Cadi constantly reminds me, "You rude, Mommy! You mean!"). After I pulled them out of the laundry room for unauthorized spelunking, it was time for me to take the baby upstairs for her evening catnap. I wasn't gone long. I'm slowly learning that un-mesmorized twins should not be left unsupervised for any length of time. I returned to the kitchen quickly, but didn't see the twins. I could hear them, but they were not in my immediate line of sight. A little probing revealed their hideout, and their mess. They were hiding under the counter, behind the bar chairs with a now unwrapped box of butter. I had left butter on the counter to soften for my first attempt at honey butter (YUM, by the way). Now it was in the grasp of grubby little hands, being gnawed on by tiny teeth, and the dog trying to get his licks in as well. It was a whole pound of sweet cream! The wrappers, licked clean by the dog, were spread all about, giving the floors a new sheen. Blah. What a mess. It made for some fun pictures. Unfortunately I think the twins are starting to do naughty things just so I'll take pictures of them! After I cleaned up this mess, Camden climbed to the top of the pantry and found a chocolate bar while I was showing Cadi some pictures. We have tall ceilings. She could get hurt. One of these days I'll catch her in the act with my camera in hand so I have proof of her monkey-ing.

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