Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know it's early in the year, but I wanted to make sure I got my request in. You see, Camden got into the medicine cupboard again yesterday and ate a bunch of Sucrets. I really need some more magnetic locks for my cupboards. Not everything in there is in a child proof container. I shudder to think about her eating birth control pills or something else that looks like candy. I'm sure it won't be long before she can open those too. Plus, I'm loosing spices left and right!

I had to move my knives off the counter months ago to keep them out of the twins' reach. Today I found Cadi pulling them out of the cupboard. Since we don't believe in human sacrifice in this house I really need those locks!

I could also really use some more door knob covers. They climbed into the linen closet in my bathroom yesterday and got into my make-up. Let me tell you lipstick does not equal chap stick. I have the baby's door, and the front door covered, but now they can open the door leading into the garage and Cadence can reach the garage door opener, and Camden has figured out how to get into the van and use the opener in the car. I really hate to think of them getting out into the road without me knowing. The street on the north side or our house is kind of busy. It's a bus route for the schools. My pantry has also become fair game as of late. Camden climbs up and up until she finds something she wants. The latest conquest was the cereal.

Also, if you can figure a way for me to be able to lock the back sliding door that would be great! When it's wet and muddy, or snowy outside I can't seem to keep them in the house.

In addition, I need another gate for the laundry room. Wrigley will be crawling soon and I need to keep her out of the dog food. That or a dog door big enough for the dog, but too small for the baby. That might be hard because I think they're about the same size. An additional gate for the top of the stairs would be appreciated!

I finally noticed that the water/ice dispenser in my freezer door has locking capabilities so that one's taken care of for now.

I'm hoping, that since I am sending my letter in so early you might put in a good word for me at your next council meeting. Maybe the Easter Bunny could fit me into his schedule? I promise I won't ask for anything else at Christmas time.

Thank you!

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