Monday, February 9, 2009

Where's Camden?

I've discovered in my attempts to limit the amount of television my children watch, that if their brains are not glued to flashing colorful images projected on the screen then they must find something else to occupy their cerebral activities. While this is in fact the point of restricting the amount of face time the kids get with our electronic baby-sitter, "creativity" does not always have the grandest of results. Thomas Edison had what, 1000 attempts at the light bulb before it worked?

Anyhoo... while making dinner this evening the twins were finding ways to occupy their time. When Cadi wasn't screaming at me for something to eat they actually seemed to be having fun. At one point they were spiders crawling on the ground. Another time they had pop-beads on their fingers and they were monsters trying to eat me (that was great fun until one of them actually bit me on the bum). I was thinking, "This is great! Terrific to see them interacting and playing make believe. This is why I turned the TV off."
While searching cookbooks for a honey butter recipe (Alton Brown has one that is delicious on the twins wandered into the laundry room just off the kitchen. They often do so I didn't think anything of it. After a few minutes it got quiet and their voices seems far away or muffled. I thought maybe they'd gone into the bathroom, so I went to fetch them out. Upon entering the laundry room I saw Cadence, but no Cami. "Where's Camden," I asked? I'd never have guessed where I found her.

Who climbs in the washer? And who shuts the door on someone who climbs in the washer! I know we bought a large capacity washing machine, but really. Really? My first instinct was to get her out of there as quickly as possible. As she was first climbing out I thought, "Where's my camera?" So I had her stay in for a moment while I found my tool of photographic evidence. We closed the door and I had Cadi reenact the moment of discovery, all the while reinforcing the idea that we don't hide in the washing machine. It's not safe. You could get stuck, or hurt, maybe we wouldn't find you... It made for some fun pictures, but my goodness! Who does this stuff? My other kids never did the things they do. It must be a twin thing.

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  1. I'll tell you who else does this. The creative thinking must run in the family, because Brighton climbs in the dryer, or used to when he was still acting like Satan's spawn:) Never had that before, either. Glad he's not a twin:)