Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pretty Piggies

I tried to change things a little today. I tried to keep the kids near me while doing the chores, but folding laundry and watching the finale of "The Biggest Looser" via the DVR can only hold a two year-old's interest so long. They wandered off to bigger and better things. After a short while I noticed that it was awfully quiet. I went off to check on the only to discover that while I was being inspired to throw away the cookies leftover from Chloe's Christmas party at the dance studio, they had climbed up to the medicine cupboard, had pulled out a number of pill bottles (thank heavens for child proof caps), liquid band-aid, the dog's heart worm "treats", a bottle of hand sanitizer, the contents of which was now all over the counters, and they were sitting in it painting their toes with sparkly nail polish. As far as messes go it wasn't so bad, at least my counters and their backsides were now 99.99% germ free, however it was enough that my resolve to be sugar free quickly crumbled. Waste or waist right?I cleaned up the mess and sent them on their way with a stern warning not to get in the cupboards again (did I really think that would work?). By now it was time to feed the baby. I even tried taking the twins with me, giving them little tasks to keep them otherwise occupied, but how much can you really control when you're a dairy cow? They left again after not too long. Once I finished I hurried to check on the little devils. Cadi had occupied herself with cartoons (not the best way to occupy one's brain, but safe, and clean), but Camden had gotten into the medicine cupboard again! No nail polish this time. This time she found the one pill bottle that doesn't have a child proof cap on it (your Echinacea is looking less and less appealing, hon.) Fortunately it was yucky and she spit little pieces all over the counter. I don't think she ate any. She says she didn't. Good grief! Santa, I need another set of locks for the upper cabinets!

December 17, 2008

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