Saturday, February 7, 2009

Purple Plush

I may have to start a new series just for Camden. She's starting to create stories, like this one, without her accomplice.Yesterday while I was wasting away on the computer and Stuart was sitting on the sofa doing something or other Camden found a new place to explore. She got into our bathroom and climbed the shelves to the top of the linen closet where she found a bottle of Gentian Violet. What's that you say? If you or your nursing baby has ever had thrush you may be familiar with it. Long story short its a dye that kills yeast.

The older girls discovered her with now purple hands. Fortunately the house was spared except for a small dot at the top of the stairs. Hardly noticeable. Unfortunately the big girls wanted to be helpful and tried to clean up the mess while we washed Camden's hands. The tiny purple dot quickly became a large mass of shocking violet that will require us to re carpet our house if we ever want to sell it. I guess I can count myself lucky that we made it 4.5 years without much for the carpet to complain about.

February 3, 2009

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