Sunday, February 22, 2009


Camden and Cadence's latest interest has been my spice cupboard. Only now they're being a little more stealthy in their mischief. Earlier this week I walked into my living room and found sesame seeds sprinkled all over the floor. The whole bottle was empty. Another day I went upstairs just long enough to get some wipes. Upon my return the twins were dumping the cinnamon and sugar all over the counter. Yup. They emptied it. The next day Chloe walked in on Cadi pouring the salt on the living room floor. I was so excited.

Inbetween all this they went outside to jump on the trampoline while I did dishes. When I checked on them I discovered their clothes and diapers at the base of the slide. They were jumping commando! I'm sure all the neighbors got a kick out of it. I took pictures, but decided against posting them because this is still a public site and a) I don't want the porn czar tracking me down and b) I don't want any sick-o's out there flagging my blog and oogeling my girls perhaps tracking down where I live. Call me crazy. What will they dish out next?

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