Saturday, February 7, 2009

Little Sisters Are Pests

My big girls share a room, so do my little girls. The only one who doesn't share a room is the baby (lucky girl). So what happens when the room that already offers little or no privacy is invaded by the girls across the hall? I was happily exploring the blogosphere this evening while my husband was getting his Monday evening dose of pigskin when a naked twin appeared at the bottom of the stairs. "Where are your clothes?" I should have known better. It had been quiet for sometime (except for the TV , and the "I hate math!" coming from the kitchen. That's pretty good in our house). These things almost always happen during moments of lazy parenting (although I justify it because I got a GREAT idea for Webelos while surfing). You'd think I'd clue in. After a few queries and some exploration I discovered that Camden and Cadence had unleashed their curiosity on the big girls' room. They dumped the contents of Madilyn's piggy bank all over the floor. They scaled the bunk beds and retrieved Chloe's deoderant, digging their little nails into it and leaving balls of invisible solid scattered amongst the carpet threads, leaving my nylon broadloom with a glossy white coating and an overwhelming scent of "Afrikan Violet". Next I remind you of the fact that the little girls had been running around in the buff, their clothes and diapers strewn about the room. They're not potty trained by the way (duh, I just mentioned their diapers. Whoops!) so that means the pee went somewhere else. Namely the floor, which would be bad enough on its own, but since the big girls are not very tidy themselves, a book and a pillow also enjoyed the royal treatment.Little sisters can be the biggest pests! I can totally sympathize. This is why I never wanted my little sister in my room (sorry Jackie). Fortunately for me my little sister is 22 and doesn't pee in my bed anymore.

December 15, 2008

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