Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pantry Pirates

I should be grounded from the computer. I really should. Everything happens when I'm on the computer or feeding the baby. Since I can't really do anything about feeding the baby, I should rid myself from some of the mischeif by giving up the computer. Given that I have no self control whatsoever, that is unlikely to happen (maybe I should block my husband from seeing this before he gets any ideas).

Yesterday afternoon I was happily chatting away with a friend, via facebook of course, about her current love interest, totally oblivious to the world around me. During my present yet absent state the twins raided the pantry. They ate gobs of candy. In fact I found Camden eating a sucker at the same time a big wad of taffy was happily stuck to the roof of her mouth. And even though the sugar rush was a bit annoying, it was nothing compared the other booty they snagged: Instant Cream of Wheat. Omigosh! Not very many people even like the stuff. They had torn open several packets and scattered their contents all over the kitchen. That would have been messy enough, but easily swept up, but that would be too easy. They moved on in their voyage to the family room carpet and the sofa, with the dog following behind doing his best to lick it up. You'd think that having a dog would be a good thing at this point. Let me tell you something else, Cream of Wheat + dog spit = super glue. I scrubbed and scraped as best I could. I was a laborious task. Cream of Wheat does not vacuum well either. I tried the various vacuums that I have sitting around my house. None of which had enough suction (do Dysons really work?) to get the dry stuff out of the carpet and off my sofa. All of which just blew it around more. With a full arsenal of cleaning supplies and the twins in the brigg, I eventually got it cleaned up only to find that they'd also come across a pen in the pantry and left me a "map" for their next adventure all over my yellow sofa in the formal living room while being detained!

I think I'm going to have to hitch a ride on the next ship that leaves port before I shove these kids off the plank!

January 6, 2009

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