Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rewards of Poor Parenting

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can't quite make yourself do anything? For me, today is one of those days (which isn't good because I have lots to do). When it came time for the baby's late morning feeding I set myself up on my bed in front of the TV to try and break up the endless monotony of the day. Whilst nursing said baby I became involved with a movie ("The Other Side of Heaven" in case you were wondering.). Rather than going on with my day after baby's brunch was over I stayed holed up in my room rocking my sick baby and watching what was turning out to be a good flick. After some time had passed a very colorful child appeared in my doorway. I'm ashamed to admit it had been long enough that it was time to put the baby back to bed. I did so and reluctantly followed my rainbow child down the stairs to see what awaited me. Some monkey of a kid (namely Camden) had climbed up to the highest cupboard and gotten the markers out. They were scattered all over the table. Artwork was everywhere! They'd colored on themselves, the walls, the baby walker, the moldings, they'd drawn down the creases of all the baseboards and door frames, and of course the table. Arg! When will I find a safe haven for the art supplies? It doesn't stop with the markers. That would be too obvious a crime. We go for spectacular in this house. To offset the bright colors of the markers they had taken baking soda, and baking powder and emptied the boxes all over the sofas, the carpet, the kitchen, you name it, it was covered. Kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase "White Christmas". Now that my house was freshly powder coated, it felt more like walking on the beach (not the gritty beaches of California, think Florida) than wood floors. You'd think this would be enough. I guess it wasn't textural enough for them. Going down the basement stairs to retrieve the vacuum I felt an uncharacteristic crunch beneath my feet. I looked down to discover dog food trailing down the stairs! I guess if you don't give your kids something to do, they'll find a way to pass the time on their own. When will I learn?
December 10, 2008

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